Q&A #10 : Unvaccinated and fearless

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Q&A #10 : Unvaccinated and fearless


Please ask Geert to address the unvaccinated:
- What do we need to do during the waves?
- Is my unvaccinated child safe with other vaccinated students at school?
- Should we be taking prophylactics?


The situation for the unvaccinated is now becoming increasingly difficult because of unjustifiable discrimination. However, I keep saying that the unvaccinated should now less and less worry about their health. Provided they were gradually increasing their contacts, their innate immune system should be well trained by now. Training will only pay off provided you’re in good health and you respect the rules (!) of a healthy lifestyle (which should be well known by now).

So, ‘yes’ even contacts with HEALTHY vaccinees should become less of a problem. It is critical though that people take their supplements (certainly vit C, Zinc) as soon as they don’t feel 100% fit. And keep taking your vitamin D during winter. Regular use of ginger and curcuma are a good idea too! Avoid large and frequent gatherings but make sure your immune system stays trained (so regular contacts are key!).

Last, but not least: mental health is critical, make sure you are in good company and do not fall victim of fear!